We collect, process and safeguard our
data with high security controls”

We use qualified security measures and protocols to safeguard the information of each of the programs, providing peace of mind and security to each one of our clients.


  • BCP (Business Continuity Plan)/DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) /BIA (Business Impact Analysis)
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • IVR system security cloud backups
  • IT quality systems
  • IT quality certification
  • Validated systems


  • Good Documentation Practices (GDocP)  GMP
  • Auditable process documentation
  • DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)
  • Recording interactions
  • Auditable processes
  • Documented IT Developments
  • Safeguarding of interactions; recordings and translations
  • Document Quality Management System

All of our programs are auditable

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law (LOPD)